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Josh is pro-life.  He will fight to give a voice to those who have none.  As a husband and father of two, Fultz will seek to limit abortions to cases of medical necessity and ban late-term abortions.  He will also work to end government funding of Planned Parenthood and require those seeking abortion to have an ultrasound and seek counseling to learn about the alternatives and opportunities for help available to them.

Accessibility & Transparency

Fultz is committed to the people of the 82nd district and will continue that commitment as their representative.  He will continue to be a presence within his communities and be accessible to the people of the district.  Fultz will use social media and the Internet to communicate with his constituents outlining his vote and reasoning behind it.


Pennsylvania is a world leader in agriculture.  Fultz will ensure that we remain there by acting against burdensome regulations and taxes.  He will also champion agricultural education for our children and ensure continued state support for FFA and 4-H programs.

Economy & Jobs

As the self-employed son of a small business owner and factory worker, Fultz supports smart tax reforms that work to attract employers and allow for small businesses to grow and be successful.  Fultz will work to make Pennsylvania and the 82nd district a desirable location for industry and corporate business alike.


As the parent of two young children going through the local education system, this is an issue near and dear to Fultz's heart.  Fultz will ensure that our children are able to obtain the education necessary to succeed as an adult.  He also believes that we need to ensure that local districts have the funding and flexibility necessary to perform their duties.  However, we also need to maintain a focus on accountability and ensuring the money is going to the right place.  If the districts are failing us, then we need to have more options for our children by expanding parental choice. 

First Responders

It is imperative that our first responders are given the support and respect that they deserve.  As the opioid epidemic rips apart our families and communities, we must have the back of those who come to help in times of distress.  Fultz stands firmly behind those on the front lines here at home.  Our police, EMTs, and firefighters keep us safe and they should have the resources necessary to do so.

Gun Rights

As a hunter and gun owner, Fultz is a firm believer in our right to keep and bear arms protected by both the Pennsylvania and United States Constitutions.  He supports our right to defend and protect our families in all cases...even from our own government.  Josh will fight to ensure that Pennsylvania makes no laws infringing on that right.  Fultz will also work with our neighboring states to increase reciprocity for our carry laws.

Reforming Harrisburg

The state government is bloated and inefficient.  We need to create a system that discourages career politicians.  Fultz supports term limits for members of the legislature.  Our representatives need to remember that they are working for us.


As state representative, Fultz will push for legislation to eliminate the unfair school property taxes.  Pennsylvania residents should not fear losing a home that they spent years working and paying for because they are unable to pay burdensome property taxes.


All the freedoms and liberties that we have, we owe to our veterans.  It is imperative that we support our veterans, active duty members, and their families.  Fultz will fight to ensure that they have the benefits, services, and care that they have earned and deserve.  Like many Americans, Josh is concerned with the number of soldiers losing their battle with PTSD and will work to get them the help they deserve.  Along with proper health care, he will work to ensure that they are able to receive adequate job training and education upon their return to civilian life.  

Welfare Reform

Our welfare system was designed to be a hand-up and not a hand-out.  Fultz will work to protect this system by creating work requirements and time limits for able-bodied recipients of public assistance.  Josh is also in favor of drug testing to curtail abuses in the system.

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